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Volunteers Help Change the Lives of Disadvantaged Youth

January 11, 2013

Teacher or librarian reading to group of childrenIf you take a moment to think about it, you have probably had an adult (or two) who has helped get you to where you are today. It could be a parent, grandparent, teacher, coach, or family friend, who in times of trouble or doubt, has been there to give you sound words of advice and ensure that you are on the right track to a successful future.

Unfortunately, not every child is given the opportunity to have a positive, adult role model in their life and are therefore  left susceptible and vulnerable to falling in with the wrong crowd. Thankfully, research demonstrates that mentoring can play a powerful role in preventing substance abuse and youth violence, and increasing academic achievement and the likelihood of attending college.

Most people may not realize that it does not take much to make an impact in the life of child. It is as easy as volunteering as little as a couple of hours a week. Your presence alone makes a difference. You become a stable figure in the child’s life and therefore someone the child can trust to go to for guidance.

Recently, a man approached Trinity Youth Services’ holiday gift-wrapping booth to get a gift he bought for his girlfriend wrapped. It turned out that the man was a former foster child who had been passed around from home to home and faced many adversities as a result. When he learned more about what Trinity Youth Services does for foster children, he shared his own personal struggles:

“It’s just so hard, even as a young adult, to resolve issues from my childhood. My girlfriend gets mad at me sometimes for it, but I cannot help it and I’m still trying to sort through my problems. However, I have gotten a lot better. I just think it’s really awesome what you guys are doing for these kids. They really need it because no one really understands what we go through until you really listen or just be there for support.”

Live United Women in Classroom

January is National Mentoring Month, a time where the importance of mentoring a child is cast into the nation’s forefront. Locally, there are many organizations that strive to improve the lives of disadvantaged youth and they need the help of community members like you to make a difference.

To find a local reading, tutoring, or mentoring volunteer opportunity, please visit our website

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