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Volunteers Conquer the Weeds during National Make A Difference Day

November 8, 2012

Volunteers work tirelessly to clear the invasive weeds at Victoria Elementary

In honor of National Make A Difference Day, hundreds of volunteers throughout the Inland Empire celebrated by taking action in their communities. Volunteers engaged in a variety of activities ranging from reading to kids to sprucing up local parks and schools, and much more.

Below is an account from Alexander Drey-Mulari, AmeriCorps VIP for THINK Together, about their Make A Difference Day project held at Victoria Elementary School in San Bernardino, California.

Over 60 people gathered at Victoria Elementary on the bright early morning of October 27th. These valiant volunteers came from a wide range of backgrounds, representing a few distinct groups. These groups included: Be Collective, a kind local church group, University of Redlands and their diligent Office of Community Service Learning, Beta Phi Delta of UC Riverside, with over 25 strong service oriented members, and they were led by the amazing members of THINK Together.

Their task was monstrous in stature, a 6500 square foot garden overgrown with massive weeds and teeming with hidden dangers. These volunteers would not waiver despite their momentous task, and moved in immediately to conquer the weeds. Armed with their simple tools of hoes, rakes, and shovels, these volunteers decimated the overgrown plants that were at every corner of the garden. Through sheer force and determination these volunteers pushed past the attacks of insects hidden in the plants, and the numerous plants that prodded and stuck to skin with fury.

Volunteers  from Be Kind, University of Redlands, UCR Beta Phi Delta, and THINK Together pose for a group photo.

Battered and broken, these volunteers gathered the last pieces of the plants, and threw them with victory into the abyss of the garbage bin. The heroes gathered in the new garden to bask in their glorious triumph, and glowed in their pictures with delight. They feasted in the great halls of Victoria Elementary that afternoon, to return home with a full belly and a sense of accomplishment.

No man was happier that day than Alexander, who brought all of these champions together. Alexander knew that all the hard work going into this day was an accomplishment like no other, and as he napped later that day only happiness was in his heart.

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