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5 Great Reasons to Become a Volunteer!!!

June 13, 2012

There are tons and tons of great reasons to volunteer. How many more can you think of?

The first official day of summer is right around the corner, and with it comes a wealth of different ways to spend your time. From tanning on the beach to enjoying the rides at your favorite theme park, summer is a popular time to indulge in life’s most pleasant pastimes. So why, when there are so many other things to do with your time, should you ever consider becoming a volunteer through HandsOn Inland Empire? Here are five great reasons:

Because You Have a Talent. Maybe you like to cook. Maybe you’re an avid gardener. Maybe you spend your time knitting. Whatever your talent is, HandsOn Inland Empire can help you find a volunteer program that makes the most of your special ability. And if there’s no program immediately available to take advantage of your abilities, we can help you develop a brand new one!

Because Like-Minded People Really Want to Meet You. Volunteering with any of the programs on HandsOn Inland Empire’s volunteer opportunity calendar will give you the chance to meet civic-minded individuals just like yourself. Depending on the program, they may even have similar hobbies to you. Why not get out there and make a few new friends?

Because It’s Valuable Professional Experience. In today’s economy, it can be hard to find experiences truly worth listing on a résumé. However, many employers look highly upon applicants who have dedicated themselves over time to volunteer efforts. Even better? Become a HandsOn Inland Empire Volunteer Leader! The leadership experience that comes with being a volunteer leader is also frequently looked upon quite favorably by prospective employers!

Because You’ll Learn Something New. HandsOn Inland Empire volunteers often report learning new things as a result of their volunteer involvement. Volunteer cooks share recipes, volunteer knitters learn new patterns or try new types of yarn, volunteer readers gain exposure to new types of books. The list goes on and on! Learn something new today!

Because It’s Not About You. The most popular reason for volunteering is also the best. Volunteering your time helps to support the needs and affirm the value of the thousands of local citizens who are in need of assistance. Whether their need is food, clothing, shelter, or any of a wide variety of other things, you are in a position to help make the lives of your fellow community members a little bit easier. Help bring a smile to someone else’s face today!

To find a volunteer opportunity today, please visit HandsOn Inland Empire’s volunteer opportunity calendar at:


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