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Volunteer and Spread Cheer Throughout the New Year!!!

January 5, 2012

With each new dedication to volunteerism that the new year brings, the future of local communities across in the Inland Empire gets brighter and more vibrant. This year, HandsOn Inland Empire hopes to inspire members of the I.E. to make volunteering an integral part of their weekly or monthly lives. To help do so, we’ve compiled a list of five key strategies for making volunteerism worthwhile for both the community and the volunteer! By employing these strategies, anyone can find a way to help the community and themselves at the same time:

Volunteers with the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House turned their talent for cooking into a family potluck night for the sick and underprivileged.

Find A Program That Fits Your Passion. Nothing inspires ongoing volunteerism more than volunteers working in a field of their interest. Sports, music, arts and crafts, animals, education, health—whatever your hobby or passion is, there is a program out there that showcases it.

Can’t Find One? Make One! If the nearest volunteer program for your hobby or passion is too far away, why not start up your own? The process is easy! Contact HandsOn Inland Empire’s Bryan Nakawaki ( to find out how you can turn your passion into a full-fledged volunteer program in the I.E.!

Friends and co-workers from UPS gathered together in Redlands to beautify Ford and Sylvan parks in 2011.

Volunteer With Friends and Family! People are much more likely to continue doing something when they feel they are part of a community. Talk with family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and make volunteering a group activity today.

Support Your Local Community. Volunteers love to see the fruits of their labor pay off. The best way to do this is to volunteer in your local community, where you can directly witness the effect of your efforts on an ongoing basis.

A Habitat for Humanity volunteer wears her dedication to the organization on her sleeve -- almost literally!

Support An Organization With Personal Meaning. One of the best ways to ensure a sense of fulfillment from volunteerism is to work with an organization with great personal meaning. Have a relative who survived cancer? Volunteer with the American Cancer Society! Do you know someone who is homeless? Work with Habitat for Humanity!

Volunteering has the potential to benefit everyone involved–your city, your neighbors, and even you! This year, let’s all use these strategies  to make the most difference we can in each of our local communities. Happy 2012!

For a list of volunteer programs being run in the Inland Empire through HandsOn Inland Empire, and/or to sign up for any such programs, visit the organization’s Volunteer Opportunity Calendar at:

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