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UPS Employees Make Volunteering a Family Affair

November 21, 2011

Family and community were the themes of the day on Saturday, as approximately 100 volunteers from UPS gathered to renovate the City of Redlands’ Fire Demonstration Garden (FDG) and Sylvan Park.

Two UPS volunteers touch up the landscape surrounding Sylvan Park's rose garden.

Volunteers proudly displayed their UPS colors as they performed much-needed maintenance at both sites, cutting down overgrown vegetation, carving out walkways, touching up flower gardens, and more.

The event, which was organized by HandsOn Inland Empire, the volunteer initiative of Inland Empire United Way, happened to coincide with Family Volunteer Day. At both locations, the spirit of family volunteerism was on full display. Many volunteers brought their children, siblings, or parents with them to the parks, helping transform the event into a true family affair.

Dozens of family members pitched in Saturday to help clean up the City of Redlands' Fire Demonstration Garden.

Dan Byrnes, Director of Finance for UPS’s South California District, was delighted with the turnout of employees and family, noting that UPS has long made a solid effort to foster a spirit of family among workers. “At UPS, we basically work as a family,” said Byrnes, pointing to the event as evidence. “Everyone here is giving up their Saturday morning just to come out here and redo a park. [UPS employees] like doing good things together. They’re generous with their funds and they’re generous with their time.”

Individuals on both sides of the event were thrilled with the outcome. Park officials noted that the efforts of volunteers allowed city employees the flexibility to devote their time to projects of equal importance in other parts of the community. Volunteers, meanwhile, seemed genuinely excited to give to the community, smiling and laughing as they helped clean-up the sites.

Dan Byrnes (right) laughs while pitching in to help carve walkways for pedestrians.

Byrnes hypothesized that this enthusiasm might have come from an ability to relate to those who use public programs and facilities, noting that he himself participated in city and non-profit run programs in his youth. “It was always programs for me growing up. It was the Police Athletics League, it was the Boys Club. It was always some kind of program that I kind of joined. So I’m just paying it forward. A lot of people kept me out of trouble growing up, a lot of programs and volunteers. All I’m doing is paying it forward, and all we’re doing is paying it forward.”

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